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UPDATE: The Village of Tinley Park is postponing the public meetings it’s been holding since February regarding the 280-acre state property at 183rd Street and Harlem Avenue while the Village Board evaluates the possibility of building a destination sports complex on the site, an idea first proposed several months ago by a group of residents. Market feasibility consultant selection will be up for Village Board approval in September with work likely to begin that same month. Visit the Village website here for updated information as it becomes available.

What is the Tinley Park State Campus Redevelopment Plan?

At the center of Tinley Park is a 280-acre campus owned by the State of Illinois and planning it is a once in a generation opportunity. Municipalities rarely have the chance to plan and develop a parcel large enough to position the city for success in the future. The site contains many assets: a Metra train station, Metra parking, our municipal library complex, various municipal buildings, existing streets, State owned buildings, drainage ways, recreational opportunities, trees and nature.

Tinley Park invested well to create one of the region’s most beautiful train stations. How can this master plan leverage on the smart investments the village has already made and capitalize on this opportunity for TOD or transit oriented development? Join us by attending the public meeting series for Tinley Park residents to provide feedback in developing a Master Plan guiding the future of the State property at 183rd and Harlem Avenue!